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What does DAS do?

Dance Arts Society is an organization that welcomes and encourages any and all students to join who have a passion for dance and build lasting friendships. We create a show to perform in Rudder Auditorium at the end of each semester, and participate in guest performances! We also have a wide variety of social events among members.

What styles of dance do we perform?

We do a wide variety of styles including but not limited to: contemporary, jazz, lyrical, modern, hiphop, tap, and ballet.

How much are dues?

Our dues are $65 per semester or $95 for the entire year. If you have financial concerns as far as dues, don’t let that stop you from joining! Feel free to reach out to us for information on our sales committee.

How many dances can you participate in?

You are allowed to be in a maximum of 5 dances each show! This will include all dances, but the finale will not be a part of this total count. In addition to this number, we have a Guest Performance Group that members can audition which is also not included in the total count. 

How many points do you need and how can you get them?

You will need to get at least 10 points each semester. This is super easy as we have plenty of options for fulfilling these, including profit shares, study sessions, social events, holiday parties, perfect attendance, masterclasses, and show help.

Who is allowed to join DAS, and how often do you recruit?

We accept new members at the start of every semester. Any TAMU, Blinn, or Blinn TEAM students are welcome, along with faculty and community members.

How do I become a member?

There is not an audition to be in the organization, but rather an audition for each piece. Once you make a piece, you are officially a member of Dance Arts!

What does the time commitment look like for dance arts?

The great thing about Dance Arts is that you get to entirely choose your dances/weekly practices around your own schedule. Each routine entails 1 hour of rehearsal per week. As a member, you will have anywhere between 1-5 hours of practice per week, depending on how many dances you choose to be in. There are no weekly meetings but showings that happen every 2-3 weeks and you will have these dates at the beginning of the semester. Show week, however, is a larger time commitment than the rest of the semester. During this week you will have to attend run-though, tech rehearsal, and dress rehearsal, but it is super manageable and honestly the best week of the whole semester!

Who is allowed to choreograph?

There is no requirement for who can choreograph! Any member that is a part of Dance Arts is allowed to choreograph. All choreographers will present the song and style of their piece to the organization at first showing.

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